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Puppies & Upcoming Litters

Congratulations to the new owners of Porter&Poppy puppies!

Your puppies are very special.

Mayfair Labradors wishes their new puppy families all of the love and happiness that a good dog brings, and look forward to your updates and pictures.

6 males and 2 females arrived on April 19th!



Mom and Dad~ Poppy and Porter

For initial puppy inquiries, email is preferable
508-641-3386 cell
508-435-6838 home
e-mail us


Mayfair Porter x Lobuff's Over the Rainbow

Puppies from our last litter




We encourage interested puppy homes to research carefully the breed they are interested in bringing into their home and family--what are the breed's characteristics? What was this breed bred to do? How much care and exercise does this breed require? What are the genetic and hereditary problems common to this breed? What type of home and physical environment does this breed do best in? While Labradors are the most popular breed in the United States today, according to AKC Registration statistics, they are not the breed for everyone. Please take the time to do your homework to make sure a Labrador is right for you. There are far too many Labrador puppies and adults in shelters across the country, in Labrador Retriever Rescue, and foster homes. Tragically many of these Labradors are euthanized when a home cannot be found. Not-for-profit rescues and volunteers cannot save them all. Respected and committed breeders are not out for the "quick buck", and involve much emotion, time, and money into each and every puppy brought into this world.
As important as researching the breed that is right for you, we highly recommend you interview the breeder you are interested in purchasing a puppy from. You should expect a concerned and committed breeder to do the same of you. You should be concerned about compatibility--do I get a "good" feeling about this person? Is it a good fit? Would I feel comfortable coming back to this person over the course of my dog's life to ask questions or obtain advice? Is he or she committed to the welfare of this breed, or is he or she just concerned about profit? What is the breeder's home like? Is it clean?
Does the breeder allow you to just pick out whatever puppy you want, or does she/he carefully temperament test and match a puppy
based upon the best "fit" with your lifestyle, goals, and expectations for your future companion?


Where are the puppies born and raised? Are they raised in the home? Are the puppies and other dogs clean and healthy? Will the breeder provide references from his or her veterinarian or other puppy homes? Purchasing a Labrador puppy is a 12-15 year commitment, on average. Concerned breeders will feel responsible for that puppy for its entire 12-15 years. Has the breeder stated that he or she will take back or re-home a puppy or adult, regardless of age, if you can no longer care for it? What does the breeder's contract state? What are your protections? What are the breeder's protections?

We spend considerable time interviewing, getting to know, and visiting with each and every prospective puppy home. We are very selective in our choice of homes for our puppies. We can do this because we do not have many puppies available. We typically breed only one, occasionally two, litters a year. As a result, most of our puppies are reserved before the puppies are even born. We do not sell puppies over the Internet, and prefer to meet each family in person before we commit to selling a puppy. If an in-person visit is not possible due to distance, a more in-depth and lengthy interview process is initiated. We typically develop on-going relationships with our puppy homes, enjoying holiday pictures and cards, emails, notes, and visits. We are committed to the life of each puppy that leaves our home, and do all that we can to make sure that a Mayfair puppy goes to the best home possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our upcoming litters or our Labradors in general.
We will happily send our puppy questionnaire and puppy packet to interested parties upon request. All puppies are sold on an AKC Limited Registration.

NB: Above text from Nycoma Way Labradors Website with permission.

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